Monday, August 4, 2008

Diapers, detergents and deodorants

Sigappu lolakku kulungudhu kulungudhu.....
He: Wow! These earrings are nice.
She: Why shouldn't they be? They are a gift
He: A gift? But I didn't get you any earrings?
She: When did I say you got them?
He: Then who?
She: As if there can't be anyone else is my life except you!
He: Tell me, who? (pleads)
She: Your son! (ha ha ha, fades into the background)
Narrator: Now, you can buy whatever you want with the savings that your infant baby can make for you. For, a set of two diapers costs just Rs.15.
This is a radio ad made by the largest consumer product company that claims to have fully understood the consumer, and can strike an emotional cord with the audience. The same guys who (i) made the little boy feel inadequate because his toothpaste had 2 less so-called-good-properties than their product,
(ii) made all the girls in India feel that brown is unattractive, and being fair is the only way to self-confidence, a great career, and obviously a handsome boyfriend,
(iii) made two cute little kids go ga-ga over one inane brand being re-branded as another (Mom, I have good news and bad news for you - The bad news: Brand 1 is no longer available (shudder, shudder - the world comes to a standstill), and the good news - the same product is now available as Brand 2 (and the world is happy again) Duh!
(iv) let the world know that body odour is the greatest turn-off, less-than-perfect white clothes cost you a promotion, dandruff is the next greatest turn-off, the list goes on!

Can someone please tell them that they need not sell their products by making people feel inadequate?